Under the bed of stars

The twin­kling bed of stars Blan­ket­ing the tran­quil lake and grass Shall we call God, the notion/entity/force that makes life non triv­ial? Not this vague unde­fined sense of pur­pose, as much as the enrap­tur­ing beauty. What makes the twin­kling night sky, or the painted clouds, so much more charm­ing than the mar­vels of lamps, build­ings, and […]

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What is the purpose of life, in the eyes of the universe?

What is the pur­pose of life, in the eyes of the uni­verse? So, noth­ing is going to mat­ter. And that is the same as say­ing, noth­ing really mat­ters. You want to feel happy, or make a dif­fer­ence? All of that, will sub­li­mate. Will be vapor­ized with more than a nuclear fusion. Quite lit­er­ally dis­ap­pear as […]

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