Under the bed of stars

The twin­kling bed of stars
Blan­ket­ing the tran­quil lake and grass

Shall we call God, the notion/entity/force that makes life non triv­ial?
Not this vague unde­fined sense of pur­pose, as much as the enrap­tur­ing beauty.
What makes the twin­kling night sky, or the painted clouds, so much more charm­ing than the mar­vels of lamps, build­ings, and concrete.

Is what is inside every­thing, this life force, this star stuff, what is most worth cel­e­brat­ing?
Per­haps yes.
Give up your life, for all it is worth.
Squeeze all the juice out, for what else was it made?

What I want to do in my life

I like being/interacting with peo­ple. I don’t think it’s par­tic­u­larly pro­duc­tive, but I find it per­son­ally pleas­ing. Plea­sure is def­i­nitely some­thing one should be liv­ing for. Largely, if not entirely. Play­ing, eat­ing deli­cious food, music, read­ing, think­ing, peo­ple, all that stuff. Learn­ing, I believe, is another thing one should live for. ~Expand on this at some […]