in misc.

I wonder why I wonder

The world is so entrancing,
So captivating in its way.
That I begun burning,
Dark clouds darkening my day.

Even the clouds they are so lovely,
I feel like stealing them.
To wear their wonderful beauty,
emphasizing their silver hem.

Oh! Why is it only me,
Who is so deeply lost in wonder?
They live and let live with glee,
On them I have no time to squander.

And so,
I turned my head around,
And in my eye, time stared.
My mind floated off the ground,
To ask them, then I dared.

Why, my friend are you so queer?
A boon, a bane everything.
You, in my heart invoke great fear;
Please stop this fanciful playing.

Time looked at me,And ticked away;
ticked away to glory.
And as it did this magical act,
Upon my grave I lay.

I saw everything I wanted to see,
I realized and so, understood.
Ahead was He, the mighty God.
And there he calmly stood.

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