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Flock 2.0: The Inside Story

An Amazing Experience. I only tried Flock 2 Beta 3 cause I wanted to use the (unofficial) portable version from here or directly download the version I have from here. Btw , proper portable versions of the final release have also been made.

It is an amazingly functional interface where you have an in-built blog editor, and a really capable sidebar that can mark your presence on just about every networking site you may have heard of as being used by many. When you open the browser, an inevitable “My World Page” opens up in which the left column is covered by diggs, etc which are shown on your set preferences, the middle column is ur updates followed on twitter, FB, etc. The rightmost, I believe is for youtube and videos, cause right now it tells me, learn HowToFlock on YouTube. No number of Add-ons in Firefox, under those known by me can also match all those capabilities of Flock. And if you know me, you would know that it counts. ;D Lastly, you can trust it cause in essence, its yet another browser based on the fx3 architecture. Have a try. You ought to like it.

  • Vineesh

    Ok so I understand that u love flock and whatever.

    Do u know anything about the Firefox architecture?

    My suggestion would be to take a review of all the existing browsers in just one post. Stop discovering a browser one each day. Take on all at once, kill the issue and move onto creating the Web 3.0 browser!

    Ohh boy! How cool wud that be. 🙂

    And if you can’t create a browser (if that’s what you are thinking), then you are absolutely right! 😉

    But atleast figure out what should be there in the 3.0 browser – 3D, Semantics, IPv6, etc?