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My moon…

No Really! I DID!!!


And sorry for the tm thingie. Just put it for a bit of fun…
[UPDATE: On popular demand, some comments, some verbal accusations, the image has been modified as the tm has been removed. I am no more sorry. :P]

  • Sakshi

    Whoa! I hate to say it, but awesome! photoshop?

  • hseeniv

    I must say it too! 🙂 Looks brilliant. Wish u were like this in real life! 😛

  • Shreya Srivastava

    well i must say it is slick ….. entrancing

    the tm is the depressing bit … but loved the V.
    For the first time in life , I’ve found myself appreciating your aesthetic sense!

  • Anurag

    hmmm, can you post both images? As in with and without the tm? I wanna see what it looked like,