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[Not] My Eye


Which do you think is better? Please leave your comments and suggestions.
I just got to know that people actually visit my blog and don’t leave comments.
That is ghastly! I hope you please cease doing this and comment whatever, about whatever, wherever, at least I’ll know you saw my designs (read:crap). Please.
For without encouragement[, or otherwise,] I feel so deserted, and continually feel like changing my blog title to MYSTIC and LONELY ranger. Seriously.
Sob, sob.:(

  • hseeniv

    Hey this is nice. Just the colours could have been better.
    Too steely I must say! 😛

  • hseeniv

    Btw, the V is looking lovely. Engraved and slick. 🙂

    Congrats for the V – Vee-shesh! 😛

  • The Keeper of the Keys

    I like this one. kinda spooky…maybe you could make the eye sharper, or would it kill the whole effect?

  • Vishesh

    @hseeniv: Thnx a lot. Btw, It is in all of my images (except for one :))

    @the keeper of the keys: i am trying my best. the eye just doesn’t shift well. I can give you the psd if you wanna try (on account that you won’t steal it. 😀 Just kidding.) So, would you wanna try?

  • Namya

    gosh, you’re so desperate. reminds me of a record, you know, those spinning music thingies. which is nice, but yeah. I’m obviously not much of a photography person. they’re all nice abstractish things. keep it up.
    yeah, the ‘v’ is nice.

  • Shreya

    try changing the background ….. guess it’ll make your eye look alot better

    the white background is so bright that it grabs all the attention so the detailing in your eye does not stand out!

  • The Keeper of the Keys

    LOL. No i don’t use photoshop at all. only gimp if necessary…