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Up, Up and Away

Here launches our country’s first moon mission. Although unmanned, it (supposedly) bring[s] our country great pride and (somehow ?!) marks a launch-off our country’s progress radically.
The real interesting and cool thing I found was this image released by our country’s ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) on their main chandrayaan page


  • Vineesh

    Instead of just so much art. Why don’t you try figuring how does the Chandrayaan mission fit into the grand scheme of progress for India?

    For that matter, do u think that space is a final frontier?
    I’d say NOT AT ALL! Space is just one of the frontiers to be discovered more.

    Neways ur thots plz! 🙂

  • Anurag

    You know, this post tells me how little you really know about the Indian Space Program. There have been, in total, 22 (23 if you count USSR’s and Russia’s as distinct) space agencies operating satellites from about 46 agencies of which 2 are not even operated by countries. Of these, only 8, namely, China’s, India’s, Russia’s, USA’s, Japan’s, EU’s, Iran’s and Israel’s have launching capability, and only 3, that is Russia, China and USA have ever had a manned space flight. Israel’s and Iran’s Space Agencies flourish due to its military uses, and Russia’s and USA’s as a result of the Cold War and the Space Race. Japan, in contrast to India, has had 4 different agencies, with the newest, JAXA, having been established in 2003. China’s own agency was established in 1993. India, China and Japan all intend to send manned missions to the moon in the 1920s, at the same time that USA shall send another manned mission. India has under the tutelage of Homi Jahangir Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai developed indigenous launch vehicles, which are powered by indigenously developed cryogenic engines, something not used by the other countries, to my knowledge. As far as I recall, India recently made a milestone launch with the highest payload of sattelites, both foreign and Indian. On top of that, only Japan, China, India, USA, Russia and Europe have sent missions to the moon.

    So, kindly stop being so derogatory about the India Space Program. It was started way before your birth and by a much more intelligent visionary and scientist. As I said, you don’t no much about ISRO, so please don’t make such remarks.

  • Vishesh

    @vineesh: In the progress of studying more about the indian spce mission
    @anurag: I am so sorry, for includig that “yes, Indian”, comment, and definitely did not mean any harm to any person. Some comments like (somehow?!) basically were to show how I personally did not understand the point of the mission, and like many other non-well-read-people, was doubtful if this, previously well achieved “achievement” was worth the investment and effort that went into. ISRO was definitely a major achievement, but in our stupid “down-to-earth” points of view, going to the moon now, does not really prove a point. But I do realize that it can also be called a significant milestone considering the fact that we are the sixth country to be going to the moon, and stuff like that. I too am reading more about what’s special, and what was the objective of the mission, and would also like your views on them. 🙂

  • Anurag

    Ah. Okay then. The point of it, though, is that only one country has ever visited the moon, the USA, and its more or less a matter of national pride in getting an Indian there before the Chinese and the Japanese and before the next American attempt. And, the first step of that is getting a probe there.