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Things seem to be changing quite fast, and for the (much-)better!
I won the regionals of the Jack Kilby Science And Technology Quiz 2008, with my partner, Aditya Grover.
My half-yearlies just ended, and they were better than what most of my half yealries are, I would say. And for some time, I seem to have all the time in my life I could.

One of the tougher questions of the quiz on saturday, the 18th (which of course we couldn’t answer!)

What is the significance of this image in the history of Science, who took it and what is it? (the first and the last part of the question is the same)
Hint given to us: It is an X-ray image.
Answer, and a detailed description along with as many questions as I remember shall be up soon. Keep checking this space for more.

For “Addy”‘s (Yes he’s the Aditya Grover who partnered me) request on My art part-II. I modified the blue to black and this is what came out.

  • Vishesh
    Another image of the same thing.
    And, I shall ont release the asnwer until I get at least 7 distinct comments on this post. Yes, I really want ppl to read it. So go make them read it, comment on it, and then I shall give out the answer.

    P.S.:(For Aditya Grover):PLZ do not reveal the answer until I do!

  • Sakshi

    hmmm looks weird. no idea. its definitely not a cd, not a face with a hole in it, not something dropped in water, etc. and i’m out of round things to think about.


    ingenious, giving the first comment on ur post. ;P

  • Vishesh

    It, was supposed to be an X-ray image for God’s sake. At least guess, within the given hints!!!

  • Vineesh

    Ok! It’s DNA! 😀

    I am such a wise guyyyyy afterall!! 🙂

    Congrats for winning the quiz but the image. Hmm.. that’s ok!

  • Aditya

    Hey, I saw the Jack Kilby Quiz Finals too. It was great! You were really good! But this wasn’t the best question. Undoubtedly the Gregorian/Julian calendar was best.

  • Espèra
  • Vishesh

    Okay, so you all got the image.
    @espera:Did you raelly kno that by before?
    @the rest: Nobody yet seems to know who got the first sample of it! muhahaha!!! 😀
    Now, of course when you know what the image is, you can get what is to be done. But still try…