• Anuj

    Make the sloping gradient of the text from light grey to white, put in an outer glow too, a faint subtle one. It’ll look classy.Try it out.

  • Vishesh

    tried it. The text just gets blurred. Were you talking about the gradient of the border?

  • Shah of Blah

    Maybe you shouldn’t have those dashes in the background … MAYBE.

  • Espèra

    Sorry that’d be me …

  • Vishesh

    you’re shah of blah? amazingly thought ful name I must say. ;). btw, those “dashes” were supposed to indicate some kind of rain. To add to the “mysticity” you see… 🙂 If you still insist I might try.

  • The Tech Nut

    I like it…and @Anuj…an outer glow on a cramped font like that ain’t gonna be pretty…liked the dark overall “mystical” effect

  • Aakanksha

    Hey Vishesh, check this link out
    nice endeavor 🙂

  • Vishesh

    @aakanksha: thnx for the link. btw, I do use it, and even vectortuts, since I’ve even begun using Illustrator. And the T-shirt design _is_ using that. 🙂

  • Espèra

    No, no no no no no. I am NOT Shah of Blah. That was brother’s id. He left it signed in.
    You can guess what happened next.