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Some quick new art from me

A pretty fish. Made by me. 🙂

This was done from a tutorial. And even one of the key things which was the feather brush was provided ready-made. Not really cool, after knowing this is it?

Guess What this is? I named it “the incomplete man”.

This was supposed to be my white ribbon against the terror attacks in Mumbai. Couldn’t make a better one. :(. But still, my solace is in its orginality. Like in The Frog And the Nightingale [;)]
“I don’t think the song’s divine.
But – oh, well – at least it’s mine”.

Same for my ribbon. :D. And I do have a lot of views about those terrorists which I’d love to express sometime soon…

Modern art. By me. 😀

  • Espèra

    Naah I still think that purple one is real cool!

  • Vishesh

    thnx. that’s saying something [for the tutor o’ course :D.]

  • The Tech Nut

    Oh…yeah…the Frog and the Nightingale…reminds me that I’m in class Xth…damn…did you simply have to remind me.