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Happy New Year!

I know you’d say I’m late. Well, I know I am. So there’s no point telling me. 😛
Well, I’ve been around, here and there – and visibly, mostly there. Vain attempts to stick around here for any substantial time and manage to make a post have been spoilt, again as would be visible. So there’s a lot to say.

  1. I’m sad that the single post I made having 5 pieces of art received lesser comments than other single-art posts. Well, I believe there can be too much of a good thing (or perhaps, ugly things heh:) ), in one go.
  2. A Lotta people took a review of the year that had passed by. Actually even more did, but these were three which I cared to read. I thought that it was pretty silly to care about what had happened. So I took to making a list. Not a list of resolutions. Ohh, resolutions are such a cilched word, Id never in a lifetime use them. And since the list is so impossible, I’d only dream about resolving to do them all. Here goes, in this year I plan to learn the following things:
  • Maya
  • Flash [with actionscript]
  • better Ps
  • better Ai
  • C++ programming
  • heuristics (?!)
  • make a [fractal-generating] software****
  • Mathematica
  • CSS
  • php
  • XML

I know its impossible to the point of frivolity, but it’s stupid if I don’t try at all, isn’t it?

3. I have been making some more art, and putting many more widgets in the sidebar. Some might feel irritated – if you do, don’t tell me cause I’m not gonna change. 😛 Just kidding. Comment for whatever you like, I luuurrrvvv comments. Although I very irresponsibly forget to reply to many, so forgive me, if I ahve ne that to you. and keep commenting.

4. Finally my art-of-the-post. I’ve learnt more of filters, and it’s really fun. Even GIMP filters are real fun. One of them’s actually a fractal-generation filter, and I just love the starburst one. It’s beautiful. This thing’s psd is 63 MB heavy, so don’t even dream of asking me for it, if you can’t meet me personally with a storage device. And it’s even my new desktop wallpaper. Perhaps, you could’ve guessed that seeing the resolution. Yeah – I have a 19-inch monitor. Not news to most, though…

So, adieu for the time-being. Also, I’ll might soon shift to WordPress, so be ready for it… 😀 Keep reading, commenting, and hating me .X-D

  • Shubham Goel

    i can certainly teach you Maya…

  • Vishesh

    I’d love to learn some from you. The only prob is, when? There’s no comp in school that even has maya… But if you ever get time, and can manage, do tell me. I _so_ want to learn maya, I’d do anything to “take your classes, sir! And thnx for showing that you actually follow my blog! How do you like the type of start I make in the time being? 🙂