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My font fetish

My favourite serif font - Minion

My favourite serif font - Minion

I’d been looking for this font everywhere. It was everywhere in print, in all the cool new books my brother had gotten (like Reality Check). That was rather noticeable – all the foreign published and printed books have such sophisticated typography, it actually makes you hate the other Indian print books, due to their super ol Times New Roman printed books.

I had looked for this font for two weeks, and finally a tweet by @smashingmag,  helped me figure out the font I’d been searching.

One major question you might be asking, that is in case you care about fonts, or this article, at all, is how I thought I wasn’t finding this font, among all the serif fonts – now don’t they all look rather similar?

Yes, they do. Even though I care a hell lot about fonts and typography, (where-ever possible that is,) even I can’t really spot the difference between many professional fonts – especially b/w stuff like Caslon, and Garamond, and the like. So how did I spot this one, and love this one? Look carefully. Look at the small “y”.


See that bulge? That’s rather typical of Minion.

Also, if you cared to see the Periodic table that was the link in the tweet by smashingmag, you’d see that they’re mostly fonts you’ll barely recognize, whereas the most usual fonts aren’t there at all! Like say, could you find Arial or some such lame font there?

Nope – the answer’s pretty simple. They aren’t fonts made for typography. They’re all some-s/w-company licensed, non-design, and superbly lame fonts. Design fonts have a few characteristics, one of the main ones being that they’re generally licensed by a design-related company, mostly Adobe. Also, the only reason you can say that the lame fonts you use, are fonts, is that they at least have all the stuff you need. Apart from that, they’re barely fonts, in terms of the respect a font ought to deserve. 🙂

Hope you liked to care about my font fetish! 😀