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Social Studies’ over! and my personal domain’s to be up soon!!

Social studies is OVER! I mean, I know I’m saying that pretty late, but it took time to sink in… It’s over.

And I don’t really think I did justice to the end. Which is why I don’t really feel as excited as I’d hoped to feel when this really happened.

But nevertheless, it’s over.

More important stuff; I am shifting to a domain of my own. (Sorry again, for all those who find my shifting a bit painful – this is (by most chances,) gonna be the last shift I do make. I have decided to take up one of the following. I will be putting up a poll for it, but for the time being, comment (and please do), which you think I should take up.

The options I give you (in order of my personal preference) are:

  6. [Darn it! both of the are booked! and I really think they weren’t the last-to-last time I checked…. :(]
  8. [new entrant!] [all other Top Level Domains are available as well]

Some better suggestions would be welcome, though.

[P.S.: A Mac user visits this blog every 2nd day since the last 8 days. (And now due to my very scarce posting – once again- his visiting has reduced…) But I really wanna know who this person is.  Would you like to tell me who you are??=)]

And a very crucial think I’m pretty sure you didn’t know (i.e. unless I’ve already told you in person). D’u know when my Math Board Exam is??

The 14th of March!! Get it? :)… I didn’t think so. Even my brother didn’t get it, and neither did Anurag, or Sakshi. Well, it’s Pi day, of course!!

  • 😀

    or out of your options i'd say ; it's just plain and simple 😛

  • Nidhi….Even sounds good…All the best for Maths!

  • sakshi

    i think sounds pretty good.. @karanveer : is taken, right?
    yeah, so i didn't notice pi day… sigh.. i think someone else did, coz i was told about it.. or was that u only? ?! 😛 😛

    you wont believe what sorta weirdos check blogs sometimes..i got a guy called "dating" follwing my blg… sigh.. the mac user could e someone in school.. 😀

  • @nidhi: Thanks a lot for the wishes, and the suggestion. Ask some other random ppl to suggest which they like better, so that I can reach a final decision… 🙂
    @sakshi: Thnx for the suggestion, and thnx for the guess as to who visits my blog…

  • sakshi

    ah, i can think of so many more things to "thank" you about. should i go on?
    ;P sample: thanks for writing this post, for redirecting from ur old blog, for thanking me.

    yeah, i feel like writing rather lame comments right now. cheers. 😀

  • Namya

    i see no difference at all between the first four (i mean, yes, of course, it's .net, .info, whatever, but i don't think that's even worth my deciding between).
    and i did get the 14th of march thing. so there. even though it would've been cooler to have physics, like a benediction. even though i'm not that fond of einstein anymore.

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