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The Bored Exams

The title is inspired by the Luminar, as far as I’m concerned. But they’re rather true. Never has the spirit brought up by an exam, been so boring and dull. I mean, I study no more than 2 subjects in one day, and no more than once in three days, stuff that’s out of syllabus. This is so bogging down I feel I’m being pushed into some super-deep impentrable marsh of… boredness. The boredness was so intense, I felt bored during the Sanskrit exam. And mind you, that was so unexpected, (considering it was the last Sanskrit exam I was ever gonna give), the most interesting part was my reeling back in shock at that! :-O.

Well, life’s become so dull, I didn’t feel like celebrating holi. At all. I mean the void. is. unimaginable.

I, for one, am not to feel so down, but what can I do? Even learning new stuff in Ps has stalled since a long time, and I’ve been trying to learn Python, or AIR dev, or something interesting, but I just feel (here I go once again,) bored.

Help me people. Please. I might not survive this testing phase of my life. DO SOMETHING FOR ME!!! 🙂 And that’s for you to think, what… 😉


  • sakshi

    OMG you're so depressed! I pity you.. but then i really dont know how u entertain urself usually so i really dunno what to tell u to do to er, get to normal.. btw "boredness"? 😛
    😉 happy holi