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Blank Your Screen: Just Made for Me!

So, you perhaps know my endless love for every thing black. I mean, I love black just about everywhere – except for perhaps in my food where it’s not supposed to be, and in the air, which is just okay, in its serene empty form.

But if its clothes, and more importantly, my computer, and its screen – I absolutely love black. And you might think I’m deranged, but here‘s proof, that I have company. The latter – of Blackle – a plain black site that does a plain Google search, is an old one.



But the former, Blank your Screen, is pure awesomeness. It somehow “analyzes” the colours of the page you are on, and by “a specific combination of colours”, turns all of the background black, and only leaves text and some other elements, visible im white or green. Sometimes it craps the elements inside CSS boxes up (oh, all right! most of the time it craps the boxes up), but the fun in seeing yahoo, and everything else in black, is just unsurpassable. For instance, Blank my Monitor running on, in India – which obviously becomes :yahoo-in-black

Now, if that doesn’t look fun to you, you’re such an awesomely lame character (not to mention the quantity of electricity you are ready to waste on account of the “supposed” improved readability), that you ain’t ought to exposed to the awesomeness of this blog at all. But oh well, I’ll spare you this time. Go improve your habits. 😛

Direct Download Link for the FireFox add-on.

EULA link for the add-on.

Oh, and by the way you need Firefox for this. If you don’t have it, as I mentioned before, you’re a very dumb and ancient person if you’re not onto Firefox [yes, you’re ancient and retarded if you don’t use Firefox for some lame counterpart like Safari, or Chrome. I won’t criticize you if you use Opera, though you are missing out on a lot of things, still…]

  • Firstly, I just lurve your new WordPress theme. 😀 Awesomeness!

    About black pages. Unless you're using a CRT monitor – which I don't think you are – it makes no effing difference at all having a black background. LCD screens are lit regardless of whichever colour you use. 😛

  • Sheer luck I found it. Don't I just love Twitter for such gifts! There are still a few problems, since its the first theme the guy's made. (not that I'm an expert theme author), but the image caption and blockquote stuff aren't really "brushed up". But never mind, I might try to improve that. Did you like the header image as it is? 😉 I forgot to change it.
    About the black thing – yeah I know, I was just saying it for the heck of it. 😀 And also to reasonlessly perpetrate my "undying love" for black! 🙂 And even if you dont wanna save energy, just turning all stuff black, is really fun at times! Try it if you want to… =)
    P.S; How'd you find the smiley set? Somebody told me they're hard to spot as smilies. =) I rather liked them…