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Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

Thus goes, the basic “tenet” of Murphy’s Law, which I experienced in full force today. It was fun though, rather exhilerating, if I must say so! 🙂

Today, as you may, or may not know, was the [in Namya‘s words] “big vidyamandir test”. In the morning, I get up (which is rather uncharacteristic of me – as most of the time I am made to get up), as you might infer – all by myself, and then, in a methodical, monotonous way, get ready, and by 10.15 get out of house, into the car. We are 150m off, and I, for the first time yet, check my admit card – and surprise, surprise – my day begins now. There was a place where we had to “affix” our photo and I had not. We turned back, got the photo. We sit in the car, and I declare, once again, that I’d left the admit card at home now. We once again go up, pick it up (too up? is it? I think so too…) and then sit in the car (we did go back down – I thought you’d presume that. :P)

[I notice that I’m sufferring from relapsing tense troubles – I am again and again faaling into using the present tense. An aftereffect of reading a few pages of The Zahir. Try it. You might empathize.]

And then, I reach the center, surprisingly quite in time. And there, at the gate I tell my roll number, and the guy says – “I’m at the wrong center. There’s no such roll number ’round here.” And I’m like, what the heck?! Then the guy says, there are some random rooms which are empty and I can go to “Room 17”. En route, I meet one of the organizers, who shouts out, Room 17 khaali hain, Room 15 mein baithon. And then, Room 15 has just me, and another silly girl, who actually asked me if I had completed that practice CD, and when I said yes, she was half-stunned. As if it were the most impossible thing to happen.

And then, in 5 minutes, the bell rang. With not a single teacher/invigilator in our room. Then we ran about, and were made to sit in the next room, with some empty seats.

And then, my watch, very prudly, was still showing 10.30 or something – about half an hour slow. I adjusted it, and it stopped working.

The test went on, I won’t tell you how it was (ok, it was very bad – I sucked up big time), but what was very nicely timed of my watch, was that it was consistently at least an hour behind the time, and if it was re-adjusted, when it was working, it would keep itself from working, until it was an hour behind. And within 15 minutes of exiting the place, my watch was back to functioning rather well.

I, surprisingly enough, really didn’t mind, as I remembered exactly these words – ‘Everything that can go wrong, will.’ 🙂


  • Thanks for telling. Am working on it, though i have no idea as to why it's exactly happened. I've definitely not installed any new plugin recently, and definitely not one which messes my links. :S . Hope it turns out okay soon enough, as I'm trying… [What is most annoying is that that VM ka link is working just fine. It's only with the rest… and there's also that weird pagetrack thing in those tags? D'you have any idea as to what that could be because of?]
    And about VMC, of course I know it ain't the end of the world. I just want somebody to convince my parents about the same! 🙂

    • Looking at the page source, it seems some plugin called 'WP-Smiley-Switcher' is probably causing the issue. Did you install this plugin recently?

      If you want to change the default smilies, you don't need to use a plugin for that! Just replace the contents of the folder /wp-includes/images/smilies with the smiley icons you want, and you're done. Note that after every upgrade this folder may get overwritten with the default WordPress set. I suggest that you keep a folder containing the smileys in some other part of your install, and after every upgrade COPY the other smiley folder (name it smilies) to the directory wp-includes/images. This will overwrite that folder and replace.

  • There's something wrong with the links you gave here. Are you using some tracking plugin? If yes, check how it looks on your site and disable until the issue can be resolved.

    That said, come on, VMC is not the End of the World. 🙂

  • Yup, I did install that! I never thought that the source code could tell that! Thanks a lot!
    I have deactivated it, and it now works just right. Thanks again! 😀

  • That was nice. Thank you for sharing this one.