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Math all across the Web!

I’d never even imagined that there would be so many Math resources on the web. Here are some I found recently (in addition to Project Euler, which I’ve already mentioned). Do check them out! =)


  • : The Millenium math Project – something I had found out while my research for the Math magazine I had made, and am making at the moment. They have launched a number of other “projects” under their foundation, which are all equally splendid. 

A poster I got on their site:

Maths Makes A Difference

Maths Makes A Difference

  1. – A project of the MMP, which is pretty similar to Project Euler, minus the programming part. It is a collaborative problem solving site, where they share numerous problems, and the problems are based on monthly themes.
  2. – Another awesome project of the MMP, which is actually a free for all online Math journal! It’s like an -ezine, and has research-level content. 
  3. – A Math Thesaurus!! Another project of the MMP. But now, who would have imagined a Math Thesaurus?? But it’s pretty cool and fun!

And last, but the most. I launched my own social network on Ning. And of all topics, I chose Math. 😀

[Also, if you’re a heavy privacy freak and all, I might actually suggest you don’t join it considering this. Now, aren’t you grateful I forewarned you! So, on this glad note, do join my Ning network! 😉 ]

The Math lovers’ Social Network launched!!