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Project Euler: Math + Programming = Sheer Fun!

Project Euler, is an awesome intiative, for people interested in math, and with some level of programming skills. It aims to encourage Math learning through the puzzles they offer, of many levels, requiring different aptitude levels. It’s a hell lotta fun!

Project Euler's home page [-true design simplicity!]
Project Euler’s home page [-true design simplicity!]

And something that (I think) they’ve forgotten to mention on the homepage, but is really cool, is that they’re is an entire forum which unlocks after each question, and is specific to the question.  That, is really nice, as you get to see some really crude solutions, and some stunningly elegant ones.

You can also do it without knowledge of programming, as what the thing in itself asks, is just the answer. But of course, in that case, you miss out on the forum discussions. And also the fact that by itself, the questions are laborious, you realize that using a program would also save from some unnecessary calculations.

Oh well, then – adieu, while I go and solve some more problems! 😀


[Update: I really forgot to mention that I got to know about it all, through an awesomely smart, and nice friend of mine, I mentioned before in the post about pi day coming, who is even more into math, called Anurag.]