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99 – Unexpectedly Nice!

99, the Film

I accidentally watched a movie. Hindi one, start to end. Which is an overwhelming shock. 😯 . But yeah, it was 99, and rather unexpectedly, fun too! Well, the only fun I had expected, was from Cyrus Broacha – but whoa, there was a hell lot more. I won’t exactly go into the details of the film, though I would reiterate something you might have heard – it really does depict Delhi in this sheer fun way. Despite the fact that Kunal Khemu (Sachin) and Cyrus (Zaramud) were Mumbaikars and hated Delhi quite a lot :

Wahaan March mein thandak hoti hain!! 😕

Wahaan har banda chor hai! 

Wahaan har ladki ka naam Neha ya Puja hota hain! 🙁

Last line was pretty funny. Half because it ain’t true at all, but the second half for its random bizarreness – they actually pursued those reasons as reasons why they shouldn’t visit Delhi. What was really thrilling, was the motive behind the name of the movie. This is one place, where I’d really like to keep the suspense, and not tell you what 99 stands for. What it does, is real fun – highly because it has a lot of truth and depth to it. I’ll still divulge a huge spoiler line – the last one in fact.

Pharak nahin padta ki tum century maaro ya nahin. Pharak isse padta hai, ki tumne kaise khela. Par ye baat bhi saala, centruy maarne ke baad hi pata chalta hain. Aur… century maarne ka to mazaa hi kuch aur hain…

All in all, I’d really suggest you to go watch the movie, and understand the real value of this line, It is really fun!! 😀

[and we end with… a serious copyright infringement!! :)]