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Does History Repeat Itself?

Q. Prompt:

“History repeats itself. This is a testimony to the stupidity of man.”

-Adapted from Edith Hamilton

“History does not repeat. It rhymes.”

-Mark Twain

Assignment: Does history repeat itself? […] Write an essay.

A. Does History Repeat Itself?

No – in my view, History does not repeat itself. I would concur with Mark Twain – ‘It [history] rhymes’.

It has been recognized since time immemorial, that there are certain patterns in nearly all our lives. These have also been extensively explored and researched in numerous fields. But we can see through numerous examples, the repetition of history – that ‘deja vu’, but just not quite.

Since the start of the Earth, it has undergone climatic changes of alternating heat and cold. Every few thousand years, an ice age sets in. The intensity is known to vary – but still – that’s quite a long-term rhyme, isn’t it?

We can see how we ourselves are currently suffering from a swine flu pandemic – ninety years later, once again. Perhaps even the disease evolved alongside human technology, and changed, but periodically it happened once again. Another rhyme, eh?

We are also suffering from a depression in the worldwide stock markets. Its coming was not entirely unexpected, though perhaps its intensity was. Stock market corrections happen approximately every five years, with some variance, and this depression is seventy years after the last one. The Great Depression of the 1930s was because of overproduction, and this time – the sub-prime crisis. Next time, the cause may be different, but stock market falls are bound to rhyme, and come again and again. 

This repetition – underlying pattern in the events of the world – have also been scientifically explained. Mathematicians believe in the Chaos Theory, which possesses techniques to spot patterns in the seemingly chaotic world, and even predict the future! Of course, it’s nowhere close to telling us when we’ll die; but it’s adequate to confirm how history does not exactly repeat itself, but it definitely rhymes with itself.


How’dcha like it? Do tell me. You might’ve spotted it, but if you haven’t, there is a reason as to why I wrote this… 🙂

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  • Exactly!! So, how’d you like it? 🙂

  • Kush

    I’d give it a 6 because of your examples.
    The fact that you’ve put chaos theory into it speaks highly of your abilities both as a writter and a thinker
    Very well written vishesh

  • Thanks so much! Now, the job’s upon me to fit it into 25 mins… 😉

  • I figured out the SAT bit too, but this essay is way way too short to get a good score. I’d give this a 4 or a 3. It’s good that you’ve given a few examples but you need to elaborate a bit. Length is technically not a criteria but it often tends to bias scorer judgment. I suggest you read up SparkNotes’s Power Tactics on SAT essay writing ( Don’t go by Princeton Review guidelines for the essay. Seriously.

  • Short? Well, in writing it covered up two pages of my notebook, so I thought that’d be adequate. Especially since a few sample SAT essays I saw, were also about 300 words. And I’ll surely try to elaborate on the examples. Thanks for the suggestions and the link. I was pretty blindly trusting the Princeton Review book I had, so far… 🙂

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    I guess what ankur wanted to say was elaborate on one or two examples rather than four.

  • Princeton Review’s tactics are OK if you’re a below average guy aiming to get yourself up to an average score, but it really doesn’t work out if you’re aiming for a high score. Joe Bloggs method is unnecessary dumbing down. Sure, elimination helps but Joe Bloggs is useless. If found SparkNotes test prep section and Kaplan to be better. SparkNotes test prep allows you to read whole book online for free, but it’s tedious as you need to go page by page. I would still suggest you to give it a shot because out of all the guides, only SparkNotes bothers to actually teach the concepts rather than preaching ‘try guessing your way out’.

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    The 9th comment about it being a great post isn’t mine!

  • Yeah! I’m sorry I didn’t notice it was a spam comment. So.. does that mean you didn’t think it was a great post? 😉 Just kidding.

  • SAT prompt! =P

    • Of course! Though it had been established a bit earlier anyways! 😛 😉

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