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Work and Play

What should be valued? Work, or Play? Now, if you are anywhere a sensible person, and live life for the living part, you ought to agree play should be valued. I don’t mean to say that it should be valued in terms of money- now few would pay, or get payed for play. I mean value in terms of how important we consider it for ourselves. Of course, play! 

Now, the question arises to be – what is play? Play, of course is not just any game. For a sportsperson, the same play becomes serious work. So the only thing that is universally true for play, is either – something we enjoy, or something that we have to fight to get! Generally, bot these properties are concurring. 

What do I mean by “fight” to get? I mean to refer to something, for which we “strive”. We direct our efforts so we can get to play – at least I do. And after every round of playing I regret the sheer time waste I did. It is just appalling, that I can want to do something that is so instinctively stupider than the work I just did. So? What’s my point?

That we need to grow in a different way? We should be made to realize the value of the study that we consider forced labour. In my view, I should’ve, at a very young age be allowed to play a lot. Never sent to something as wasteful as pre-school – even primary school! They took 5 years to get around to teaching me Lines, angles, division, and some sorta counting – and the English and Hindi Alphabet. I bet I could have done that in at most 3 years at home. I also know that that is the obvious reason I used to hate school when I was young. In that case, I would’ve enjoyed my life so much, I would’ve viewed my entire life as a pack of joy. Including the studies part. And I believe I would’ve been a way more eficient child. I wish somebody’d had that vision to train me while I grew up. 🙁

I hope I do get to help in the growth of some kid, way later in my life – and in that case, I strongly wish i can try this. Cause I’m pretty sure of what sorta thoughts should exist. I should not value my play-time. I should value my time. Generally. When I’m playing – which anyways I shouldn’t participate in the frivolity of doing – or when I’m studying. It would also, I believe help me gain the focus I have during my computer time, to my entire life-time. And that would be such a boon – I tell you, I could’ve conquered the world by now! 😉