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The Opinion Paradox

An opinion of mine:

All opinions are spurious, and delusory. Believe in this opinion of mine.

Have fun dealing with that one! 🙂

It seriously pains me, how every body opinionates on every other thing, person, and activity. The worst part perhaps, is how even I, despite being conscious of this terrible habit, fall prone to it often.

I want to stop making opinions. And especially forcing them down other’s throats. It’s annoying, and it renders me prone to prejudice – and other anive people too. X(

I want the world to stop objectifying stuff, so obscenely – that is wrong, that is right. You are nobody to decide for others. Neither am I. Our rights end where the others’ noses begin. And I hope, me, as well as all you, get that. Accept it, thrust it down your throat, and imbibe it. It is quintessential, to live a good life.

  • The IntenseDebate flip-flop again. ;p If you’re removing that, do add the ‘Subscribe to Comments’ plugin.

    Everyone is entitled to have an opinion about everything and express it any medium; you have the right to ignore it. Rather, I think you meant to say that your ‘problem’ (for the lack of a better word) is with ‘lame’ (again for the lack of a better word) opinions.

    “All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others.”
    — Douglas Adams

    • Eevryone is entitled to have an opinion. But it gets disturbing when they push it, and think its a correct opinion. There is definitely no such thing as a correct opinion. Even your quote says that. I have a problem not with how the opinions are, but how they are treated by people; as if they have hold some huge value, and deserve to stand as great deciding factors regarding a decision. I don’t think that should be true, though it inevitably is…

  • There is no such thing a correct opinion, but then there *is* such a thing as an-appropriate-opinion which is ‘a very great deal more robust, sophis­ti­cated and well sup­ported in logic and argu­ment than oth­ers’. These are the opinions which spawn real action.