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I Had A Road Accident! :D

Oh yes! Fifteen days ago. And not just a random accident. One in which I was hospitalized for three days! And I got to miss all my half-yearlies. Truth be said, I could’ve given the last two HY exams, but why put the effort when I have the option not to! 😉 😛

It was definitely an awesome experience. I mean so awesome, I had to post about it. Especially considering I never really post about stuff that happens in my life. It was so awesome I couldn’t even avoid the grin in the title. Or anywhere else. 😀 :D.

So, the overall injuries I was diagnosed with – were simply a right mastoid fracture, some random hemorrhages  in my skull, an ear which bled (where the blood was actually coming from the skull)  for about the first two hours, and something I had which has been suspected to be seizure, due to which I now have to take some 300 grams of some Phenytoin Sodium for an entire year! The rest is history (as was that, but the rest is insignificant history – just clarifying. :P), except for the fact that I had some ugly painful IV drop in my left hand, which was so annoying, it actually caused a huge swelling in my left hand.

As of now, I’m pretty much fine, except for the fact that I’m very prone to gradually losing my sense of physical stability on any much physical exertion, especially in the sun. And oh yes, I have tried it! 🙂

For those who saw me jump and were especially freaked out-cum-angry: I know the bus wasn’t going to stop much farther. I know I could’ve covered the distance in not much time. I know I had a mobile in my hand. But you really ought to stop telling a guy what he ought to have done, when he did something else. Especially when he didn’t end up really sad about whatever happened…! 😀

And for anybody who would want to know how my family responded, I personally don’t know. Mainly cause I was unconscious in the first day when everybody was responding in any sense, and all I got, were recountances. Everybody happens to end up being rationally cool now, except for my mother whose very nagging about me eating food -and most of the stuff mothers are as a rule anxious of – especially cause I have happened to lose a lot of my appetite, mainly because since the last week I have a very screwed up sense of taste and smell, wherein I have the same annoying smell from my fingertips, as from all grainy foodstuffs, and many other foods as well, and the same taste from all that as well. I really don’t know if that’s due to the little Vitamin B complex tablets I’m prescribed for everyday, or because my brain due to the fracture and blood clots, is entirely screwed up and as a consequence, has chosen my smell and taste senses to be a nice way to exhibit that.

[Update: I seem to have been so lost ins tuff, I forgot to notice that I never said, how it happened. “I tried to dismount a moving bus” – What I told all the doctors I met, and what was actually a compromise on the truth – “I jumped off a rather fast moving bus, in a very hopeless manner, in a fit of anger (at the bus driver who was refusing to stop there), hope (that I’ll land successfully i.e. = safely), and insanity (which I really can’t elaborate on – I don’t know myself why it happened). :)]

  • sakshi

    don't give such detailed reports. freaks me out.

    i so don't want to become a doctor. ever.

    • I'd never really mind. It seems quite interesting. And I had a personal interest in knowing more about what I had had… 🙂

  • Aditya Grover

    Personally speaking i wasn't freaked out much when you jumped out of d bus coz i thought u would manage. but when u become unconscious and started having seizures, i and d rest were shocked. but anyways no point remembering such accident. take care 🙂
    P.S. in case u failed to notice, u hav missed 7 out of 11 school exams/tests till now. i feel so jealous 🙁

    • I wouldn't have expected anyone to be freaked out if I'd managed to land, obviously! And I can imagine it must be scary if I was shaking so “scarily”. 🙂 And no, I hadn't kept a count, but obviously it feels awesome to have missed 7 out of 11! That's like… 63.63 %! I could also see it as 4 in 4 months…! 🙂

  • So sorry to hear that! I hope you're doing better now. From what I gather, you tried to pull off a John McLane stunt by jumping off a moving bus. Needless to say, don't do that again. (Humans have this irritating habit of stating the obvious…)

    • Of course I'm doing nearly as normal as possible, by now! 🙂 As I've mentioned anyways. And yes, you could very much call it a McClane stunt except of marginally smaller proportions, and me ending up much worse than he ever would! And once again I go on ranting the very obvious… 🙂

  • Devika

    Bloody hell!
    I want details!
    Sorry for my rather macabre sense of humour(or lack thereof), but I'm kinda shocked:
    A)I've never heard of something like that happening to someone I know before (@the seizures etc)
    B)Vishesh, I'm impressed at your daring. Kabhi aisa expect nayi kiya from you 😉
    Anyway, take care and lucky lucky LUCKY you getting to miss exams 😛
    Too bad you can't taste food…
    Get well real soon!

    • Details? More than that? I myself wouldn't know! 🙂
      It (the You're being shocked part) doesn't really matter. It's imaginable. Especially considering the medical report called it a mastoid “fracture”> It barely hurt for beyond two days.
      A) I personally hadn't heard of seizures happening, especially to any real person I knew. I mean, when I was first talked to about that, I didn't even know what seizures where! Only recently I managed to read up on them, and it felt simultaneously cool, as well as scary, to know that having a seizure actually implied I had epilepsy! The attack did involve me shaking furiously – the main thing which apparently freaked most people immediately around me at that time. Unfortunately ( 😉 ) I have no memory of it. And recently I got to know another friend of mine who seemed to have had a seizure. And his did sound much more serious…
      B) Well, it's not really like I expected that from myself either. More towards sheer stupidity than daring… :S
      Anyways, thanks for the wishes! Hope I do (get well soon…) :)..

  • Espèra

    Ouch. Shit.
    I suppose you must be okay now, since you're blogging about it.
    Seizures sound freaky. o.O

    What do you mean by “physical stability” by the way? Balance, do you mean?

    • I'm pretty ok now… I mean continuously improving, having monthly reviews, and lots of stuff. But yeah, if you look at me, you couldn't even guess. Now, that is.
      Seizure is the word used by Aditya Grover, who was sitting in the bus and saw me “shake vigourously”. I've been researching epilepsy, seizures, and stuff, and it ends up that there is really no specific definition of a seizure i.e. seizure=epileptic attack= anything pretty much. Which is annoying because I have to take those antiepileptics everyday, and its just not cool. 🙂
      Yes, by physical stability I did mean balance. I mean, especially when I wake up, I go about walking very much like a drunk dude. And it's pretty undesirable, and annoying.
      Cool in everything else by now pretty much. 🙂

    • Espèra

      Most people do tend to be groggy when they wake up, but I suppose you don't mean that. 😛

      Still. Whoa. Seizures. The definition I knew of seizures/epileptic fits was sudden unconsciousness. Not the most comprehensive definition and I never bothered to check.
      Where exactly did this incident happen?
      And what happened after you fell down? Did the bus stop? Who helped you?
      I don't expect you to remember, but there must be people who saw this and told you?

    • Nope. I mean much worse. 🙂
      I remember time, location and everything pretty well. I just don't remember of what happened in the following 2 to 4 hours. It was while returning from VM (! 😉 ), about 2 km from my home. Yes, the driver pretty quickly stopped the bus – after that!! Even my dad was just there, as he'd come to pick me up (as in the afternoons generally someone form my family does pick me up so I don't have to walk that long a distance in the “hot sun”, and faint midways from a stroke or something…) Yeah and the picking up part I don't remember, but my dad picked me up, and took me to the hospi etc. etc.

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