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Why did I learn the Alphabet?

For those of you came here to just know the answer, very bluntly put – I don’t know.

That perhaps why I asked the question in the first place. Also because the question troubles me. When I used to do it, I never even thought about it. Just like I never thought about anything I did at that time (:age). I was made to write the English as well as the Hindi alphabet everyday, at least once. With the Hindi alphabet, my mother gave me special motivation – They even ask it in the IAS exam and people often don’t know it! Hence, I should! It seems embarrasingly hilarious now.

But the important question remains. Why should I remember the alphabet. In today’s world I don’t see any point of it. In my life – did/does it help me in my usage of language? As I speak or write it? In anything I do? I don’t see if it does.

In my life, the only place that organization might help is that it would be a basic layout for me if I start out to design a font. Which I might at some time. And that is following the fact, that it perhaps helped me remember all the shapes. But really? Is that it? Don’t you  fell grossed out?

I do. Because I don’t see my past as my ages – I see it more as my classes, and the essential things I learnt in those (wherein essential=remarkable). And I see that my entire 5 years of life before I started class 1 was actually simply spent on this! The alphabet! (Mind you I’m not criticizing the Hindi alphabet at all. It’s just so awesome the lines in which letters are collected imply the part of the mouth used to speak them, with the eccentric last alphabet in each line being the one for which you also use your nose. And even other stuff – Hindi, Sanskrit, and most stuff specifically Indian, are pretty cool. 🙂 )

This is also one of the vents when I’m feeling angry at our English education entirely. I think it sucks so bad, I’m beginning to have a terrible hatred towards all pedagogical English teachers. Mainly for the Literature section. I love reading books, and the stories and the stuff we’re asked to. I hate the fact, that when a question says, “Express your opinion…”, or “What are your views…” I never have the option to keep them mine. Especially in usual school exams. This problem emanated most, when in one of my monday tests last year – the teacher crossed out an answer of “what your views on.. [something about the frog and the nightingale nice poem]”. And I felt shocked.Especially when the teacher said, “Your answer is wrong“. Dude! That is a language. Not math! You can’t say an opinion is wrong! No opinion is wrong. And I mean that absolutely. No opinion is wrong. That obviously has the parallel implication, no opinion is right either. That is why I wrote that random inconclusive post on stop having opinions. Cause my mother can reach shouting levels to say, “A certain thing is wrong. And there can be no denying that!” It is absolutely absurd to think so.

Of course I bifurcated terribly, but the point was that the question should actually read “What are your teacher’s views on such and such event?”. Because that is what we are expected to right in the end. This anger is also from the fact that our current English teacher has interpretations which are radically different from the ones I have, lately. We have a story called the “Summer of a Beautiful White Horse“. A dude called Mourad says, “I have a way with horses”, “I have a way with dogs”, “I have a way with farmers”. Not in consecution, but over the story, and with supporting relevant things happening around – most of them support his statement. Hence, our teacher actually wants to write, “He was such a clever boy, he had a way with horses, dogs and farmers.” Now I think that interpretation is hilariously naive. I think that boy “as stated by his brother, was a crazy dude. He strong belief in his capabilities, which was a baseless belief, but immense self-confidence nevertheless. The events that happen go on to affirm his beliefs, and exhibits the strong and self-confident resolve in the boy which drove him to live life the way he wanted to. In the route of which he even bent his clan’s traditions, and etc. shit”.  Hence, I think the education system sucks. Overall, and everywhere.