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The Mathematical Crusade

It happened. Like, two weeks ago. See – that’s how awesomely fast my life is. Hence, I forgot to tell you about it. Now, I’m pretty officially also called tech.head, while Anurag is called Ac.  Head. 😀 And I’ve actually abandoned most of my anger at that. Here go my “technical” contributions to this year’s crusade.

[ppy]From the good…

to the okay…

to the randomly lame…

to the most fricking-awesome.


Man, I’m one to applaud for modesty. Anyways, my life’s been pretty thoroughly riddled with awesomeness recently hence, I have little time to waste on relating much about it. Hopefully, I’ll still be around to rub some of my awesomeness onto you, again.

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  • Anurag Sahay

    Dude, seriously, I'm not Ac head. I'd rather not apply if it comes down to that.

    • happy realization. And you really thought I would? (apply for tech head, that is.)

  • Your loser bro

    Nice work dude! Still didn’t know that you are officially the Tech Khopdi. 😛

    Btw, when was this posted? Is the date on the top right – right?