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Writing after thought

It’s been ages since I posted something. I want to write about the numerous things I’ve done, the very many thoughts I’ve encountered, and the awesome books I’ve read. But after much thought, it boils down to, who cares? What’s mine, is mine. It’s mostly remain with me, if it needs to. So what’s the point of putting it here? Would you gain anything by reading this? Maybe. Do I care? Mostly not.
So what happens at the end of this post? I try to think beforehand. What have I produced, what output will I have generated?
And I conclude: what happens at the end of the day? At the end of everything, we’re all dead anyways. In my brother’s words, “it’s a zero-sum game”. So, we’ll let go of the leash. Of trying to be generate some output by an externally defined, standard standard. We’ll have fun. That’s what we’re around for. We’ll do that, by our own standards, but with lesser restraint.
Here’s to having fun! *clinks hypothetical glass of wine – the symbol of letting go – but with a greater sense of grandeur, and good things to come*

  • Dexter

    Nice! *Clinking your glass back again*. So some really good times.

    Loved the attitude btw. Hoping you keep it up. 🙂