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I am my own coolness

I thought I was the only guy cool enough to think that this place wasn’t cool enough. Everybody, I’m surprised to find (well, quite a large number, in any case) has the same problem. That the other people are weirdly lame, hopeless and/or don’t do any work. So they’re all saying the same thing about each other. They’re also probably thinking that they’re cooler than the others. But more importantly, they’re busy thinking everybody else’s lame. When everybody thinks everybody else is beneath their standards of coolness, you know something’s wrong.
This never happened at school.
So relative to school, let us analyze. At school, there was no default reason to expect people to be cool. It was school. If we go by a rudely presumptious assumption that any given person is lame (which I, rarely if ever, indulged in. No, I am much better, I mean modest, than that.), my school (the students in it, that is) was rather cool. And we’re here. I think everybody expects everybody here to be better than them. Except for the few who don’t. And, wrapping this up prematurely because I have a conclusion and I don’t want to forget it, I think there are only two kinds of people who don’t think everybody else is lame.
The super lame people, who are so thoroughly lame, they really possibly have no reason to think anybody else is lame. They may or may not believe everybody else is rather cool, depending on whether they’re as lame as not to know what coolness means, or not.

The other kind are the people I care about. More like, idolize. They don’t care about whether everybody else is lame or not. Because their coolness is self-sufficient for them. They never had to rely on believing others are, or ought to be cool.
The coolness of others, is up to themselves, and it would not really influence me. It is probably arguable, but if there are not enough people around em to learn from, there is always the internet. And my head. And when I look for them, there are cool seniors, and teachers to learn from, as well.

Thing is, I had mostly stopped hoping to find cool batchmates. I had probably thought that (near ly all) my batchmates are lame, quite some time ago. Lately I decided, to bind more to the ‘fact’, that I, am superbly cool. Doesn’t matter, to me at the very least, how lame the others are. As is almost always the case, when I stopped looking, I have not only found multiple cool people in my batch, I have discovered ever more, how I am (existent) in my own universe, and independent of everything else, unless I idiotically bind myself to it. People, surroundings, noise, time (waste), everything. I make my own stuff, and control it.

[A thing which helped… establish this for me, was the Stanford ML and AI class. And how I managed to find lots of time to focus and do it, and almost rather well. They’re pretty cool. You should do them too. 🙂 ]