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Steve Jobs

I really didn’t think I’d write anything on this matter. Everybody else (as is usual) had written a lot anyways. Many of them are even remarkably nice.
Another reason why I didn’t want to even, say anything, was because I wasn’t shocked. Everybody was shocked. I was probably sad when I got to know of it, but not shocked. Everybody dies, don’t they? And he was probably supposed to, since quite some time, anyways. 56 is early for how much he lived, people say? I never found life worth measuring by the years somebody’s lived. I can sadly say that I’ve almost completely wasted my life so far. Except for this last year, to some extent. And he’d done quite a lot in his life anyways, I believe.

And I wasn’t going to write even now, except when I thought about posting one of the numerous things I’ve written in so long a time but not posted, and saw my blog, and saw the last post to be announcing my ownership of a macbook. And I felt… weirdly overwhelmed.

He, a person so far away from me, influenced my life in such a significant, and uniquely lasting manner. A majority of my friends have an opinion of a Mac, without having owned one. And I’m no fanboy, but after having used my mac with regularity, I have a vague feeling of that abstract notion – that Apple, makes beautiful products. And even if he’s not the only one, he must’ve been an integral part of Apple becoming what it is.

And nothing bothered me, as thinking how nobody else would’ve made OS X Lion what it is. And how, with almost annoying foresight, he died right after everything has reached an almost unarguable saturation point. Why was there no iPhone 5? I believe, because there is really nothing right now, that can make the next iPhone, the iPhone 5. Like Hitler says in this video: “I want magic!” That is perhaps what was pulled off in every new iPhone, not that I kept track or remember. And he pulled the Air up to (a potentially magical) speed, beyond which lies only magic. And the same for the iPad. He’s really not left things to do, which make me feel annoyed, in a frustrated elbows-and-knees kind of mood, if you get what I mean. What will Apple make next? Did he, before dying, leave a tiny note saying how OS X and the iOS are really going to meet? Because I think that’s the magical future Apple is on the verge of creating in a much more brilliant manner than Windows 8 tries to forcibly push in on us. And what to release in the next WWDC, or iPhone event, because people are going to cry so much if they don’t. And. oh, the very worst would have been, if Jobs had died before appointing a CEO instead of him. That, I believe, would have led to a spontaneous collapse of Apple. People didn’t like the appointment of Tim Cook officially by Jobs. I have no idea of the work culture at Apple, but it would require unfathomable solidarity I imagine, for Apple to have managed to survive an in-office death of Jobs, due to lack of any person being able to be chosen to replace him. Imagining that, feels scary. And I feel happy that Jobs was awesome enough to do all those things before he went away. I think it’s redundant to wish him to rest in peace. I am almost definitely sure he will. I hope Apple somehow, remains as wonderful as it was so far. The one company, which felt less like a company before this, and more like a maker. I own an Apple computer, a Mac, is something a lot of people can say, without the impersonation of their computer sounding weird. I own a Dell, definitely sounds pathetic.

So, I am happy that Jobs died this late, at least, and not earlier. And he’s definitely done more than enough awesome in his life. Cool memories he leaves behind for a lot of people. {awkward sign off which tries to say bye in an appropriate manner of not really knowing the guy, but pretending to.}