in Life

He told Me

The yellow dimmed.

The stars were white and the background was black- pure black. They were racing towards me at a great speed. They were in countless numbers.

The wind blew faster.

The stars were approaching at a great speed. Their light was blinding. I wanted to run away. But… but I wasn’t able to.

The light flickered.

I broke into a sweat. There was no stopping them.

And then… they stopped.

I looked around and the white was endless. It hurt my eyes. It hurt me.

And then … it was all black.

And then it was all black. I… I was inside the star!

And then… Things could be seen – things that began and never ended; that ended without beginnings. Nothing was comprehensible. I saw endless things; they did not have beginnings.

Infinity coincided with zero. The place was black. Endlessly black. Yet empty black. I was crowded amidst emptiness.

‘Everything that has a beginning, has an end.’ Then what about things without beginnings?

I saw myself. I saw you. We were specks among so many others.

I saw the Earth. It was a speck among so many others.

I saw our galaxy. It was a speck among so many others.

I saw the universe. It was a speck among so many others.

I saw black. And that was what it all was.

Everything nullified each other. Even the gravity between the atoms was so balanced that it all amounted to nothing. Nothing was anything like it seemed. Everything seemed to be nothing.

Everything was in an infinite loop. It ended where it had begun.

And then, the moon shone and a beam of white light crossed my face.

And then, He had whispered it to me. I knew it. I knew the truth.

I think He told me himself. And I knew why I was, why I am.

And then…

The alarm bell rang.

//If you understood this story, Then it’s getting to you!

Postdated by only about 4 years. Or slightly more.