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Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day’s theme it seems, was people going against other people for having hated Valentine’s Day, and perpetuating the obvious and pointless claim of pronouncing how this was a consumerist “Hallmark Holiday”. I personally never blamed Valentine’s Day for this, any more than I blamed Mother’s or Father’s Day. And I like to think I’m not a hateful bastard (especially after the recent time of having lived in a hostel). But this might be because of the fact that I never had a girlfriend, that I had to face any consequences of it being Valentine’s Day.Wallet before/after V-Day And I also never ‘hated’ these holidays for promoting consumerism. I think it’s a cool and impressive tactic. If it was deliberate, it is worth trying to learn how they managed to fill this in everybody’s head so excellently.
But apart from that, everybody was like, I hate those guys hating V-Day. If you think it’s lame, why don’t you just shut up, and let others be happy and do their thing. So that’s what I did. Though it’s not like I hate it (which I probably did say above too). I think Valentine’s Day is cool. Oh, I took it as an important deadline, to pull this shit off. And it was fun for me. But apart from that I kept quite about the whole thing. (Though what more could be important and satisfying that having done that for my Valentine? :forever alone: :D)
This V-Day’s theme seems to have been everybody going on, on the contrary to the haters, about how they love Valentine’s Day, despite it being so lame and insignificant and everything. I would link to those article, but that’s too much effort. Look in the Thought Catalog, and Cracked, for starters. About how it stands for so much. I din’t really know/care. I don’t even know what I want to say here. The only entertaining experience I’ve had regarding the same, apart from making that card I think looks pretty good, is reading those amusing rants and watching a few videos.