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Writing, work to come, and my favourite qoute.

I am pissed at how I have taken to beginning writing long articles, leaving them incomplete, and then never going back to them. I hope this one is short so I don’t have to be concerned about coming back and trying to finish it, which going by the running trend, won’t happen if it comes down to that. My blog has some 37 drafts. Nearly half the number of published posts. I would definitely not care to ponder if I waste my life like this too. With unfinished, unpublished thoughts. I think I’ve wasted a lot of time thinking and philosophising about such bullshit. Of course I can draw a connect about my life’s failures, and my unpublished work. That’s be drawing a correlation, maybe a causailty, but not a solution. We will take to doing work now. It’s high time we did.

The one way I know about coming back to finish work, or finishing it in one go, is to plan it completely before I start it – so it is probably broken into small sections I can complete piecewise, or a layout of the flow is pre-built so I don’t really lose the flow or purpose of the article I was writing over night. When I say article, I mean everything I am going to get into now. All kinds of development, learning, work, and reading.

We will plan a flow. We will plan a work piecewise distribution. And then we will go about doing stuff.

My 1-2 year old book ideas will work like this. Something I learnt from Kat, and read again somewhere else, and found very cool. I will set a word count goal week wise or monthwise, and write daily according to that. For the first month or so, I will write disconnected, because so far I don’t know how to write, or what, really, to write. After that I decide on the layout, style, and the content flow etc. Seems like a lot of effort, and something I’m going to fail at. But I’ll not. Now, I will do shit. I recently picked my favourite quotation too.
A lot of cool people could write some cool quote in their facebook or some profile’s favourite quote, and I felt jealous and irritated. Jealous because I often wish I had picked that for myself before I saw that they had. Irritated because whenever I looked for a thoughtful quote, expressing an opinion, I would remember that thing about “I would rather value your own words, rather those of somebody else you’re repeating to me”. And the irony now is weird, at how I’m quoting that from wherever I heard it.

“Tell me if I do anything.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

I remember really wanting a favourite quote after I saw Archit’s quote of Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And how I felt jealous because it was supposed to be my quote, me being into real creative design/art kind of shit. But whatever. I found something cooler – not an opinion, or a thought. A statement I really like, and like to believe that I live by. If you can’t tell what it means, look in Wikiquote. Putting it across in words makes it a lot more flavorless I believe. But I am totally going to do lots of work now. Also, tell me if I end up not doing anything. That’d be terrible.