in Life

Solving life (momentarily, and only in a narcissistic sense)

Every failure in my life is my own fault. And I will change that.

My life is in my own hand.

Travel doesn’t seem to help, except provide me with lots of wasteful time. In-flight entertainment being the most banal of them all.
Solution to my life:
(precursor: I don’t want to leave it to a last moment decision. :/ But that’s the best I’ve figured out yet.)

DCE does seem better than B.Des.

Merits of B.des.:
I will learn stuff about design – Ps skills and things, which I will definitely use in the rest of my life; web designing; and will be involved in cool projects. None of them I will fail to do in my real life.
Demerits – not a science degree. I lose out on other’s opinion, and programmes which are science specific.

I feel so lame, because the answer just slipped out of my hand again.

Because apart from getting to be trained in math, the one thing I imagine would be tough to do myself, the only merit of dce is a science degree. And rare chances I even find any cool people. 🙁

Doing math is in my hands. Doing design in my hands (even more so).
Being in cool projects is in my hands, doing awesome math is in my hands, and just being amazing is my thing.

So what do I want out of college?
I want a superficial degree. And courses.
The courses are supposed to help me do/learn math (or design, but the former is tougher for me), in an organized manner – one so I’m formally trained in it, two so I can claim to have course experience for further studies.
Ooh, I also want to study semiconductors and all.

And I want company. But Uncollege says that not tough to find. I’m going to mathcamp. I’ll find awesome people where ever go. Because I am awesome.

So we’re joining DCE unless we get a science degree at an IIT. Basically anything better. It seems I am in optimizedly worst case scenario in my life, where everything has to dangle down to last moment deicisions.
But that’s cool.
This too shall pass. And we’ll always remain awesome.