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The bizarre Playbook, probably has some meaning

When the Loop says it like that, it hurts me. Because it sounds kinda true. I wouldn’t buy a playbook myself, and that one? Moreso not.

But it hurts me because I’ve been dreaming about this. This is not the worst thing that could be. This is on the wrong side, but it’s on the route in which the 11” Air, and the 10” iPad are going to meet. This per se, as Jobs would say perhaps, is in despicable taste. Always Innovating has this tablet, in a cooler way, since forever. With the tag along keyboard actually providing additional battery, and stuff.

[This was supposed to have some quote about somebody saying how he held the iPad and the Air beside each other, and felt awed at how they’re going to converge, and how awesome it would be.]
Even if that’s far from what he said, that’s what I did. There is something magical lurking between the two. And only Apple has the ability to pull it off. Because it relies a lot on the things between OS X and iOS. Every step, they’re coming closer. Every step for iOS devices ,and they’re coming closer to the macs too. That thing over there, if it’s made. I want it. And it’s going to come out as something people will laugh at. I don’t mind if this Playbook is an indication of where we might be headed. I want it to come around soon.