in Life

What I want to do in my life

I like being/interacting with people. I don’t think it’s particularly productive, but I find it personally pleasing.

Pleasure is definitely something one should be living for. Largely, if not entirely.
Playing, eating delicious food, music, reading, thinking, people, all that stuff.

Learning, I believe, is another thing one should live for. ~Expand on this at some indefinite point of time in the future.~
I do not know clearly why, but I believe the ability to think, is of a great value. It is kind of what… makes us human, I think, in some weird short-sighted/egocentric view. One must try to enhance one’s personal knowledge and experiences, and as far as possible, the sum total of human knowledge/wisdom/thoughts. As G.H. Hardy’s quote, for me, implies, the most important, and everlasting things, are new ideas.

“A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a creator of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than those of others, it is because they are made up of ideas.”

– G.H. Hardy

Compassion, I have come to believe, is a legit thing to uphold with importance, in one’s life. To empathise with the world’s (beings’) pains, life, and try to cause an overall betterment. I can be as focussed/narrow as helping one’s own self, or family, to slightly wider in trying to help the poor people; to being as wide as the entire span of all living things (as far as possible without conflict of interest), and work for the betterment of their conditions. The rational Harry, seems to have programmed himself to hold sentience, with an incredibly high regard. I can’t see precisely why, but it seems like a nice moral to stand by.
† I recently kinda buried a kitten. Essentially we just carried it downstairs in a plastic bag, and tossed it into the grass.

We had played with the kitten. There were two things that went by me. One, was that I was able to look at the body of the cat, and wonder why there had happened to become large holes of wounds on its body. Others around me couldn’t bear to, as a mixture of sadness and disgust. I could not understand what switch I lacked in my head, that I felt no such disgust in particular except wanting to know why that wound was there, when I was looking at it carefully. The other feeling, of sorrow, was fairly interesting. It was perhaps subdued because I did not have any strong attachment with the kitten. But there was still a soft feeling of loss. Some of it was simply of the lack of the fairly cute and fun kitten in the room. But there was some feeling of the loss of a being. It was perhaps rather forced. I see it as a rather voluntary and conscious thought. But nevertheless, there was a life in that body, which was lost. I felt sad.

And the vaguest term, the thing that seems to be of greatest importance – of objective value – to have in one’s life, I glean, is productivity. There is seemingly no value of a person, not just in a capitalist, consumerist society; but in the basic carnal, physical (and possibly even spiritual) sense of the world, who is not producing. So perhaps, the main question is, what must you be producing?
What counts, as a good output?
Having listed the things above, the answer, albeit in subjective terms, appears to be rather clear.

One needs to work, in a way that is compassionate. Building with a ‘love’, for people/animals/things.
That helps in building the total knowledge of the world.
And in a way that one enjoys.

And doing the best that one can do. Doing the best that one believes can be done.

Nothing else, in my opinion and understanding of the world is lasting, or more importantly, matters.