I’m at a dead end! Help me ahead…

The burning water drop...

The burn­ing water drop…

Do you like this? [rat­ings] I really didn’t like how it turned out… Now I know what’s meant by the-need-for-inspiration among design­ers. I really need some. Any­one want­ing to help me out?? =)

Possible front of a possible business card

Pos­si­ble front of a pos­si­ble busi­ness card

I found this rather cool.… The only prob­lem com­ing up is the lack a pos­si­bly equally cool, or cooler back­side.. 😀 Any tips on waht to put in the behind?

[P.S.: I’m chang­ing the theme to Pix­eled, due to numer­ous sta­bil­ity issues with this theme. Sug­ges­tions for any other good dark theme, would be most welcome.]


My _Business_ Cards, entered for a contest!

I had made two pairs of cards for myself (you see, I had started think­ing of myself as highly impor­tant, and the sort… :D). They were the first entrants into my DA page. Then came along this cool con­test I got to know of, in which all we had to do was sub­mit a card of our own name, and say a wee bit about the con­test, either on our twit­ter accounts, or on our blog. So, here we go.

This con­test has been spon­sored by Uprint­ing, lead­ers in Can­vas prints and busi­ness card print­ing; they will be giv­ing 1000 free busi­ness card prints and one 18×24 can­vas print to two win­ners.

This is a lucra­tive offer and one good way of cel­e­brat­ing the fes­ti­val of col­ors with some cre­ativ­ity.

The Front of my First Fun Card

The Front of my First Fun Card

The Back of my First Fun Card

The Back of my First Fun Card

The Front of my Second Business Card

The Front of my Sec­ond Busi­ness Card

The Back of my Second Business Card

The Back of my Sec­ond Busi­ness Card

Hope you like them. :)



Social Studies’ over! and my personal domain’s to be up soon!!

Social stud­ies is OVER! I mean, I know I’m say­ing that pretty late, but it took time to sink in… It’s over.

And I don’t really think I did jus­tice to the end. Which is why I don’t really feel as excited as I’d hoped to feel when this really happened.

But nev­er­the­less, it’s over.

More impor­tant stuff; I am shift­ing to a domain of my own. (Sorry again, for all those who find my shift­ing a bit painful — this is (by most chances,) gonna be the last shift I do make. I have decided to take up one of the fol­low­ing. I will be putting up a poll for it, but for the time being, com­ment (and please do), which you think I should take up.

The options I give you (in order of my per­sonal pref­er­ence) are:

  1. mysticranger.net
  2. mysticranger.info
  3. mysticranger.in
  4. themysticranger.com
  5. vishesh.net
  6. visheshk.net [Darn it! both of the are booked! and I really think they weren’t the last-to-last time I checked.… :(]
  7. vish.eshkumar.com
  8. [new entrant!] thisisvishesh.com [all other Top Level Domains are avail­able as well]

Some bet­ter sug­ges­tions would be wel­come, though.

[P.S.: A Mac user vis­its this blog every 2nd day since the last 8 days. (And now due to my very scarce post­ing — once again– his vis­it­ing has reduced…) But I really wanna know who this per­son is.  Would you like to tell me who you are??=)]

And a very cru­cial think I’m pretty sure you didn’t know (i.e. unless I’ve already told you in per­son). D’u know when my Math Board Exam is??

The 14th of March!! Get it? :)… I didn’t think so. Even my brother didn’t get it, and nei­ther did Anurag, or Sak­shi. Well, it’s Pi day, of course!!


Happy Valentine’s Day! :D

It’s Valentine’s Day!Or is about to come pretty soon any­ways… I know nobody reads my blog, but I made some­thing spe­cial for the occa­sion. ;D
Don’t ask, for whom, cause it ain’t for any­body in par­tic­u­lar. I was just get­ting super-fed up of all the red hearts the peo­ple were putting up on their blogs and sites. Espe­cially the abun­dant quan­tity of design blogs I’ve been through, in the last few days, has not only hum­bled me about my [super] poor skills in Pho­to­shop, but has also frus­trated me about the numer­ous brushes, tex­tures, and peo­ple have been putting up, all gush­ing with a repul­sive red­ness in them. So here’s a piece of my heart… ;P

Red’s cliched and so is the arrow! 😛 So here’s the black heart with the new-age light­ing.
Of course, it’ll be a way too huge effort to make the stu­pid kid who irre­spon­si­bly throws this stuff at not-so-prepared-for-it guys and gals. But I’ll be try­ing. Any sug­ges­tions on how to make the hole through which that lightning’s pass­ing, bet­ter, are more than wel­come — they’re needed! :). So your com­ments, sug­ges­tions, please. :)

P.S: For all the visu­ally retarded view­ers of mine, which includes, if any at all, a pend­ing notice, that I have set up a Feed­burner E-mail sub­scrip­tion Form to the right, and also an RSS feed but­ton “hand­crafted” by me, using a by-defined, very cool, AI image from the Feed­i­cons Devkit.



Riding on the waves!!

Wave: Part I. Not really much of a wave.

Wave Part II — This is not con­nected to the pre­vi­ous one. Although the fol­low­ing ones are all out from this.

Wave Part III: Some Inher­ent Tur­bu­lences :D.

And Wave Part IV: All ready to shim­mer and fall back. :)
So, how’d you like the series? Want a continuation?


A Redevelopment

I had actu­ally made the thing in the “Happy New Year” post, on Pho­to­shop 7. It’s amaz­ing how when you’re at it, and you’re not such an expert after all, the device at hand never seems to mat­ter! Well, I’d actu­ally some­thing that screamed my name out way more than just the V. If any­body wants to know how I made it though, I’d def­i­nitely like to put up a cur­sory “tut”. ;). This is what I’d orig­i­nally made. (Actu­ally, I’d made it on my sister’s com­puter and the real orig­i­nal thing had her name on it.)
Well, here goes…