1. The theme for this blog’s chang­ing! This choice has been tougher than any of my designs, and its taken nearly over a week, trawl­ing through hun­dreds of tem­plates on hun­dreds of sites, mostly through Smash­ing­Mag. I have, sort of, made a deci­sion, and I just need to wait until Blogger’s server becomes sta­ble enough to be able to change my theme (the unsta­ble piece of shit, that Blog­ger is. Even its sup­port forums are so stu­pid and use­less. With­out any mod­er­a­tor or any­thing, its just got brain­less bozos rack­ing abuses out on the same error code, and nobody doing any­thing about them.
  2. I have set up an e-mail sub­scrip­tion form in my side­bar. Please sub­scribe. :). Also, I have set up an RSS feed with a feed icon made all by me, and some help from a pre­vi­ously made basic vec­tor piece of thing which I got at (the DevKit).
  3. I want to direct my “art” towards more directed things. Would you please sug­gest me some good top­ics I could make art on. I wouldn’t even mind if you used them for your own writ­ings. (It’d just have my V every time. :))
  4. I am gonna be direct­ing my fur­ther posts towards more lit­er­ary stuff very soon. So pre­pare to see “my wis­dom”. Espe­cially if you thought I had none. :)
  5. I’ve installed this rat­ings plu­gin called Out­brain. It dis­plays ads beneath a star set. I get no money for the ads so don’t click them at all! 😛 But please do give rat­ings. Its way eas­ier than writ­ing an entire com­ment, and gives me the sat­is­fac­tion to know that you cared to see. [Of course, it goes with­out say­ing, that higher rat­ings would be pre­ferred — but hon­esty more impor­tant per­haps… ;)] The prob­lem is that this far, the only rat­ings that have been given, are either by me myself, or my brother. :O
  6. I have hit 3^5 hits on my blog as I write this (accord­ing to the lamer “licznik counter” which is also older, but also counts my own hits.) Only 9 hits away from 6^2 x 7 hits, i.e. 42 x 6 hits. 😀 Lol[ax]. (And already 7 hits ahead of 42 x 6 hits on the bet­ter, but later, siteme­ter counter. That’s at 19 x 7 by the way.)
  7. Have you noticed wordpress-type smi­lies pop­ping up on my blog every­where? Cause I think I did suc­ceed in installing them, and I can see them. Tell me if you can’t, I’ll try to do some­thing about it.… :|.

Riding on the waves!!

Wave: Part I. Not really much of a wave.

Wave Part II — This is not con­nected to the pre­vi­ous one. Although the fol­low­ing ones are all out from this.

Wave Part III: Some Inher­ent Tur­bu­lences :D.

And Wave Part IV: All ready to shim­mer and fall back. :)
So, how’d you like the series? Want a continuation?