1. The theme for this blog’s changing! This choice has been tougher than any of my designs, and its taken nearly over a week, trawling through hundreds of templates on hundreds of sites, mostly through SmashingMag. I have, sort of, made a decision, and I just need to wait until Blogger’s server becomes stable enough to be able to change my theme (the unstable piece of shit, that Blogger is. Even its support forums are so stupid and useless. Without any moderator or anything, its just got brainless bozos racking abuses out on the same error code, and nobody doing anything about them.
  2. I have set up an e-mail subscription form in my sidebar. Please subscribe. :). Also, I have set up an RSS feed with a feed icon made all by me, and some help from a previously made basic vector piece of thing which I got at (the DevKit).
  3. I want to direct my “art” towards more directed things. Would you please suggest me some good topics I could make art on. I wouldn’t even mind if you used them for your own writings. (It’d just have my V every time. :))
  4. I am gonna be directing my further posts towards more literary stuff very soon. So prepare to see “my wisdom”. Especially if you thought I had none. 🙂
  5. I’ve installed this ratings plugin called Outbrain. It displays ads beneath a star set. I get no money for the ads so don’t click them at all! 😛 But please do give ratings. Its way easier than writing an entire comment, and gives me the satisfaction to know that you cared to see. [Of course, it goes without saying, that higher ratings would be preferred – but honesty more important perhaps… ;)] The problem is that this far, the only ratings that have been given, are either by me myself, or my brother. :O
  6. I have hit 3^5 hits on my blog as I write this (according to the lamer “licznik counter” which is also older, but also counts my own hits.) Only 9 hits away from 6^2 x 7 hits, i.e. 42 x 6 hits. 😀 Lol[ax]. (And already 7 hits ahead of 42 x 6 hits on the better, but later, sitemeter counter. That’s at 19 x 7 by the way.)
  7. Have you noticed wordpress-type smilies popping up on my blog everywhere? Cause I think I did succeed in installing them, and I can see them. Tell me if you can’t, I’ll try to do something about it…. :|.

Riding on the waves!!

Wave: Part I. Not really much of a wave.

Wave Part II – This is not connected to the previous one. Although the following ones are all out from this.

Wave Part III: Some Inherent Turbulences :D.

And Wave Part IV: All ready to shimmer and fall back. 🙂
So, how’d you like the series? Want a continuation?